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Diggin' Your Dog FIRM UP! + Cranberry 4oz

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Diggin' Your Dog's FiRM UP!+ Cranberry Pumpkin Super Supplement is the perfect addition to your dog or cat’s diet to quickly and effectively support and maintain proper digestive and normal bowel function and support a healthy urinary tract.


Why we love this: It’s so much easier than buying that can of pumpkin! Each 4 oz bag makes the equivalent of 3 cans of other digestive pumpkin brand canned supplements, making it very cost effective. No Waste. Ever. FiRM UP! is a great product to use when transitioning to a new or different food (diet). The fiber helps digestion and makes the switch much easier on your pets’ digestive tract. Cranberries support a healthy urinary tract in pets.

Ingredients: USA grown Pumpkin, USA grown Apple Fiber, USA Grown Cranberries.