Calm 'N Cuddle Bundle

Give your dog (and yourself!) peace of mind by easing anxiety and building calm behavior.

Calm 'N Cuddle Bundle

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Disobedient and hyperactive behavior caused by stress or anxiety makes for a ruff day for your furry friend, and you too!. This three-step bundle selected by our pet nutrition experts will give your furry friend immediate relief and help you establish improved behavior through positive reinforcement training.

  • 1. Ease anxiety.

  • Immediately notice a calmer and better-behaved furry friend with non-habit-forming soft chews.
    2. Entertain.

  • A plush toy will entertain while you’re away and distract from stressful situations.
    3. Incentivize calm behavior.

  • Reward and encourage your dog’s improved behavior with a natural, nutritious treat.


When you give your dog one of these calming chews, you will notice a reduction in nervousness & anxiety and improved behavior in stressful situations (i.e. when the doorbell rings!).

You owe it to your furry friend to help them feel better in situations of nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or negative response to environmentally induced stress. Our Calming Soft Chews are formulated for use in dogs exhibiting these types of stress behaviors with high potency natural ingredients and are properly formulated for optimal results.

  • High levels of L-Tryptophan combine with chamomile and ginger provide a natural chew that supports calmness and assures your pet during stressful situations.
  • Use to Relax & Calm your dog before traveling, separation from your pet, and before any anticipated loud noises like storms or fireworks.

Nelly's long slender neck and medium size make her a fun toy for dogs that like to shake and toss their toys.

Why we love this: This toy is great for dogs of any size, she brings hours of fun from head to hoof! Nelly is super durable made with Tuffweb™ mesh liner, has concealed seams, embroidered eyes for safety, a large durable squeaker, and is machine washable! Nelly is a medium toy measuring approximately 13” in height. Please always supervise your dog’s playtime. While our toys are made out of high quality materials to be more durable, they still are a plush toy and therefore not indestructible as they are designed as a play toy not a chew toy.  

When only the most healthy will do, turn to Look Who's Happy Dog Treats. This recipe is 100% natural and features slow cooked chicken along with antioxidant rich carrots. This combination supplies dogs with a wholesome and delicious snack that you can trust. Tempt' n Tenders are crafted in Georgia at a family owned facility that operates at FDA food safety production guidelines. It is a grain-free and gluten-free recipe with no by-products, added hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Product Benefits:

  • - Made & Sourced in the USA
  • - Crafted in a Family Owned Facility
  • - Nutrient Rich Carrots
  • - Cage-Free Chicken
  • - Grain & Gluten Free
  • Dee-O-Gee is the #1 wholesale retailer for holistic pet supplies. We do the research on the best brands and products for your furry friend, so you don’t have to. 100% of the products sold are researched and selected by pet nutrition and safety experts.

Immediate relief. Better behavior.

Calm Nerves

Improve Obedience

Reward Good Behavior

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"Baxter used to be so afraid of all the city noise. Now I just give him some goodies out of the Calm N' Cuddle bundle, and he is as cool as a cucumber."

- Nick, Chicago

"Deuce was the most relaxed I have ever seen him after ordering this bundle. My little guy loves it!"

- Jenna, Dallas

"Tobey absolutely loves Nelly the Giraffe. We can't get it away from him!

- Ryan and Laura, Kansas City