Dog Food Wet

Every human loves a delicious chunky stew, so why deny our pooches the tastiness and benefits of a wet food diet? Dogs explore the world with their noses and mouths, and what smells and tastes better to our furry friends than chunks of real, fresh meat and healthy vegetables with less preservatives and additives than kibble? The Wet Dog Food selection at is hand picked and vetted by Pet Product Experts from our retail outlets.  We only stock top rated brands like Fromm, KOHA, Weruva, Dave's and more.

Incorporating wet food into your dog's diet can help keep them hydrated, and wet food often has more protein and fat, great for high energy dogs and growing pups! Whether it's a grain-free, limited ingredient, weight control, sensitive stomach, gluten free, organic or just old fashioned packed full of fresh meat and veggies, Dee-O-Gee has you covered.

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