Calm & Cuddle Bundle

Calm & Cuddle Bundle

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What do you do after a long stressful day? You grab a glass full or snack of whatever helps you to relax and you find your favorite spot on the couch with a blanket, right? 

Did you know your dog can have stressful days too? With the Calm & Cuddle Bundle you can help your dog be just as relaxed as you in the evenings. 

The calming support EZ chew supplement will help your dog chill out for the night and the super snuggly Giraffe too will be a great snuggle partner on the couch ... in addition to you of course! If your dog needs a little encouragement to snuggle up near you - then just use the popular Look Who's Happy treats to entice them. 

Ta da - a relaxing night on the couch for your and your dog - courtesy of the Calm & Cuddle Bundle from Dee-O-Gee!


This is a $46 value for $40 ... a WIN WIN for everyone involved!