Calm & Cuddle Bundle

Calm & Cuddle Bundle

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Disobedient and hyperactive behavior caused by stress or anxiety makes for a ruff day for your furry friend, and you too!

This three-step bundle selected by our pet nutrition experts will give your furry friend immediate relief and help you establish improved behavior through positive reinforcement training.

1. Ease anxiety. Immediately notice a calmer and better-behaved furry friend with non-habit-forming soft chews.

2. Entertain. A plush toy will entertain while you’re away and distract from stressful situations.

3. Incentivize calm behavior. Reward and encourage your dog’s improved behavior with a natural, nutritious treat.


  • EZ Chew Calming Supplement (60 ct)
    • Can be used as a treat or crumbled and sprinkled over your dog's kibble
  • Nelly the Giraffe dog toy
    • 13" dog toy that is appropriate for small and large breed dogs
  • All Natural Chicken Dog Treats
    • Made in the USA. 5oz of yummy chicken strips to treat your d-o-g for good, calm behavior!

Calming Supplements can be used daily or as needed, for: 

  • Before leaving the house to reduce seperation anxiety and descrutctive behavior 
  • Before company comes over to reduce hyperactive behavior
  • Before bed time or car rides
  • Before bath time or haircuts
  • Before a dog park session, to reduce aggressive behavior